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Recovery Oriented Policing Model


"Since starting this program, as a recovery coach, I personally have learned to listen more to people’s needs and wants, to be more compassionate and to be patient because sobriety doesn’t just happen overnight" - Jamie Allaire


The Recovery Oriented Policing Model (ROPM) is in partnership with the North Country Health Consortium’s (NCHC) Wellness and Recovery Model Program (WARM) which is a federally funded initiative to reduce opioid use and overdose deaths in the North Country and increase access to recovery and treatment resources.


The Littleton Police Departments goal is to improve substance/opioid use disorder (SUD/OUD) intervention strategies by increasing access to treatment and recovery pathways for North Country adults with SUD/OUD, as well as to improve knowledge and understanding by law enforcement regarding best practices for engaging and linking individuals to treatment and other resources.

Recovery Coach

Currently we have a  Trained Recovery Coach, Jamie Allaire, on staff to assist individuals seeking access to treatment or recovery as well as ongoing case management and support as needed.

Contact Information

Jamie Allaire
Littleton Police Department
PH: 603-575-9216


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