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Littleton Park Card

Littleton Park Card

The Park Card is on-street meter parking made easy and more economical.

The Littleton Park Card provides the convenience of using a pre-purchased card instead of using change and allows drivers to park up to the maximum time at a meter while only being charged for the actual time their vehicle is parked.

How does the Park Card work?

Follow these simple steps to operate the Park Card:

  • Insert a Park Card into any on-street parking meter. (Do not swipe the Park Card as you do with most credit cards. Leave the card in the meter until it displays “In”)

  • The meter will display the dollar amount available on the card.

  • The meter will display “In” indicating the customer is logged in.

  • Remove the Park Card.

  • The meter will display the maximum time available on the meter.

  • Upon returning return to the meter, insert the Park Card. (again, do not swipe the card)

  • The meter will display “11:11″ then deduct from the card the amount owed for the time parked.

  • The meter will display “Out.”

  • Remove the Park Card.

  • Ensure the meter displays “Out” before removing the Park Card.

How much does it cost to purchase a Park Card?

Park Cards may be purchased  for $10 which is equal to 40 hours of parking at any of the following locations:

  • The Littleton Police Department located at 2 Kittridge Lane

  • The Littleton Town Offices on Main Street

  • The Topic of The Town Restaurant

  • Alburritos 

  • Emma & Co. 

  • The Littleton Diner

  • Jax Jr. Cinemas

  • Little Village Toy and Book

  • The Littleton Park Card may be recharged at the Littleton Police Department in increments of $10 up to $100

How can I save money using the Park Card?

You save money because you only pay for the time you use! For example, you insert your Park Card into any parking meter in the downtown area. The meter will display how much money you have left on your card and how long you are allowed to park at the meter. Once you are finished shopping, you will return to your meter and insert your Park Card to log out. At that time the meter will round to the nearest nickel and credit your card for the time you did not use.

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